Some Common Hair, Wig, Extensions Troubles


You already have a wig or thinking about buying a new one? Here’s some commonly asked questions about wigs.

Why do wigs tangle more often than your natural hair?

Tangling can depend a lot on the quality of the hair. If the hair is processed that means that the cuticles are removed which can make the hair tangle and break. Here at Yuka Style all of our wigs have the cuticle attached, making it easy to untangle. Wigs tend to tangle more then regular hair because your scalp produces natural oils that help condition your hair preventing the hair from drying out.

How should you brush your wig to both avoid and tackle tangles?

The first thing you have to do is use the proper shampoo and conditioner which should be sulfate-free (will be linked to Marie & Lily shopping page) and have a low pH level. You can set the wig on a wig head and shampoo it so that it keeps its shape. When you wash it, you can't scrub it like you'd scrub your natural hair. You have to run your fingers through it like a comb (starting from your ends working your way up), rubbing your fingers through it as you go and slightly squeezing it. You want to rinse it very well by dipping it into water and pulling it out. You have to be gentle during the entire process. How often you wash your wig depends on how often you wear your wig.

What are the extra precautions one must take with extensions?

The main thing is using alcohol-free hair products. Low -pH shampoo and conditioners like the Yuka Style Marie & Lily shampoo and conditioner, which is sulfate-free so that it won't strip the hair.