Looking for a quick change in style?

Let Yuka Style help you though your transformation in minutes with a new wig that is made from the highest quality, cruelty free, and handmade. We offer synthetic, heat resistant synthetic, mixed, and 100% human hair. Wearing wigs is the new thing to do because it’s easy to put on, saves on styling time, and helps you temporally change your entire look. The stylists here at Yuka Style are all educated by Aderans Hair Goods, Inc., the largest wig company in Japan and this means we are highly equip to make your wig last.

What sets Yuka Style apart form other wig distributors?

Wigs can last you a very long time with good care and proper maintenance. When you purchase a wig though Yuka Style a complementary wig styling session is included. Our highly trained stylist will teach you the proper techniques to maintain the integrity of your wig.

What kinds of services are offered for wig maintenance at Yuka Style?

It is very important to have a regular maintenance routine. That is why we offer specialized wig washes and treatments for your wig like we would your real hair. Before we begin maintenance on your wig, each go through a consolation to ensure that the proper styling products are used to deliver the best results. Update your wig style with a cut and customized styling to your liking. All wigs are carefully assessed to assure you that we can deliver your desired look. Call (310) 282-5440 today to arrange a free consultation.

The Noriko™ collection by Aderans Hair Goods, Inc. is created by the finest materials which features color technology that incorporates multi-tones on a single strand. Hand crafted Noriko™ wigs have everything that you are looking for whether it's quality, comfort, or design. Experience Noriko™ for yourself today!

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