Who Should Join the Yuka Style V.I.P. Membership?


The Yuka Style V.I.P Membership was created for those of us who have a busy schedule and needs a timely blow out on the regular biases.  Here at Yuka Style we live to make things a lot easier for you, Hollywood is a place of mixing a mingling; events are not uncommon around these parts.  We have listened to your needs and found that blowouts are a must. We know that blowouts can become a bit pricey; this is why we created this program especially with you in mind.  We offer two different types of blowout packages the first is for $100 a month; this includes regular blowouts(as often as you would like upon availability) and earn points with regular services! The second option would is $150 a month this would include unlimited regular manicure and blow dry's upon availability. We use Oribe products on all of our blowouts as well as goldwell. We are dedicated to make sure that your needs are met! What a steal our regular blowouts coast $50 alone! So the answer is why not!

Heatless Hairstyling

One of the most common complaints hairdressers hear from their clients today is that they just don't have the time or skill needed to create a fun cool style with their hair. If you're looking for an effortless fix to that, we've got an answer for you right here: heatless styling! Not only will it help keep your hair in great shape (you're not putting all that constant damaging heat on your hair), but it will leave heads turning in your direction all day long wondering where and how you got your locks to look so good.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

(1) after washing your hair, try extracting the excess water and moisture with an old tee-shirt rather than roughing it up with a towel since this tends to agitate the cuticle.

(2) once your hair is in its "towel-dried" state, split the hair into 4 sections: depending on how you wear your hair, create the first two sections by making a right, center or left side part; follow the part to the center back of your head, all the way down to the nape. Create the next two sections by making an ear to ear parting across the top of your head.

(3) once you have the 4 sections in place, take the hair in the front right quadrant and twist it back, away from your head. Once it's twisted nice and tight, wrap it up into a little bun & secure it in place with a pin (for those with heavier amounts of hair, try subdividing and use more than one section to pin up the hair).

(4) repeat on the other side and in the back.

(5) let your hair air dry. When you're ready to head out the door, remove the pins, flip your head upside down & shake it out. Try using some sea salt or dry texture spray for added piecieness.

Once you flip your head back up, you'll have beautiful jaw dropping beach waves! For those with frizzy or unruly hair, try adding a smoothing cream or serum to the hair before twisting it up. For those wanting to add even more movement and dimension, try subdividing the hair into even more sections and twist the hair in different directions (some forward, some back) before pinning it up!

Summer Hair Care

Summer is officially upon us! That means lots of fun filled days in the sun, at the beach and in the pool.  Unfortunately, all of this can take a pretty harsh toll on our color, and dry out our locks.  The best way to protect our hair from the sun, chlorine & salt is to wet it down with shower water before heading out and coating it with a healthy dose of conditioner (regular or leave it is fine). This will serve as a protective barrier and help prevent all those harsh chemicals & elements from being absorbed into our hair.  If you're constantly in and out of the water, try filling a spray bottle with a mixture of water, conditioner or hair oil, and spraying it on your hair throughout the day!

Maintaining your blow-out

The blow-out craze is everywhere! If you don't have the time or skills needed to beautify your luscious locks, your best bet is to walk yourself in to Yuka Style for an amazing blow-out!

For those clients interested in making their blow-dry last as long as possible, follow these simple steps:

1) Before going to bed each night, pull your hair back as if you were getting ready to put it it a pony tail.

2) Twist it tight and wrap it into a simple bun.

3) Secure it with a soft scrunchee or bobby pins (don't use a rubber band as this will mark your hair).

When you let your hair down the next morning, your hair will have the same body and movement that you walked out of the salon with. If your scalp feels a little greasy, try using some dry shampoo to absorb the oils. Dry shampoo is also a great way to add extra volume and texture to your style!

Tips On Maintaining Beautiful Locks!

Too often here at Yuka Style do we hear how people are trying to grow out their hair so they avoid getting their hair cut... This is actually counter productive because your hair is already naturally dead skin cells so it's easily damaged. The ends of your hair is the oldest hair so naturally it starts to get nappy. So even if you don't cut it it will naturally break off. This is why it's recommended that you get a trim every 8 weeks. This will help your hair stay healthy because when you cut the hair natural oils seep out that help nourish your hair naturally. OUr stylist here at Yuka Style are all heavily trained on how to cut off just split-ends, never would we ever cut off more then what you want.

So call and make your appointment today (310)282-5440


Make-up done by Adriana Hair by Rose

Make-up done by Adriana Hair by Rose

Get your make-up and hair done at Yuka Style. We offer the best service and we're your one stop shop for all things glam! Weather you're getting ready for the red carpet or out on the town, Yuka Style will make sure that all your needs are met. 

Please call to make your your customized appointment today (310)282-5440

Spot Light On The Celebrity Stylist Yuki Sharoni!

Yuki Sharoni has been running salons in Beverly Hills for the last 30 years. He has been servicing clients such as producers/heads of studios, actors of T.V. shows, movies and Fashion icons. He has worked with some of the best photographers and highly acclaimed directors in the industry. Yuki has worked with actors like Shakira, Jessica Alba, Rebeca De Mornay, Kim Delaney, Wynonna Judd, Adam Sandler, Wilmer  Valdrrma, and many more featured in many makeover TV shows.


Are you graduating this May? Having a wedding soon? Or are you a model and needing professional head shot for a new season? Why don't you come in to Yuka Style "studio" on North Robertson Blvd. and capture your new, special, and/or beautiful looks? We have back-drops for professional photography shooting and of course professional camera and trained Yuka Style staff will bring out the best smile from you!

Stylist Spot Light On Rose Vineyard

Rose Vineyard (Photo taken at Yuka Studios)

Rose came to Los Angeles six months ago from San Diego by way of Chicago and Portland Oregon. Rose is a multicultural stylist who has over 15 years of experience working with anyone and everyone. Come on over to Yuka Style and let her take you out of your life and into glam not only for your hair but your entire look. Refer to Yelp and see what everybody's raving about!

Rose believes if your hair doesn't look good nothing looks good!!!

Is Yuka Style also For the Gentlemen?

Yes, Yuka Style is fully equipped to work on men. Our stylists are kept up on the latest trends for the gentlemen. The reason why our men love our salon so much is because you get a wash and blow dry with your hair cut. I know what you’re thinking... I don't need that…WRONG! The men that come to the salon love to have their hair washed and blown out. We also offer shampoo massages that help stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth. The gentle or hard rub (which ever you prefer) will relax you from all your worries. Our entire team has trained with barbers to be able to achieve the look that is desired. So please try us out!

Call (310)282-5440 to book your appointment!


Here is some of our work! 

Color and cut done by Dina

Color and cut done by Dina

Cut & styling by Rose 

Cut & styling by Rose 

Hair cut & styling done by Lisa who is killing this transformation! 

Hair cut & styling done by Lisa who is killing this transformation! 

Looking for Oribe products? We have them here!

Have you tried any Oribe product on your hair before? Yuka Style is one of Oribe salons and we have a gorgeous shelf that displays a lot of Oribe hair care products welcoming you at the salon. All Oribe products are color friendly and you can pick the best product for you depends on how your hair is: curly, colored, damaged, oily, normal, etc. Yuka Style staff took professional class from Oribe and familiar with each ones so please feel free to stop by if you just want to ask us about the product and how it works on your hair! You can buy luxury Oribe products at Yuka Style salon on N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, and also online by visiting Oribe website here.

Get Your Nails and Blowout all at the Same Time!

Here at Yuka Style we know that you’re constantly on the move! So come in and get your manicure and blowout at the same place at the same time! Our nail technician Adriana is different from the rest because her attention to detail. She starts off by lightly buffing your nails and soaking each nail for at least 15 min to make sure she is not taking the top layer of your nail off with the gel. She scrapes of the old gel with a soft scrapper to prevent digging. Metal tools are hazardous for the nails because metal is hard and can leave dents in your nail. Adriana also has come up with her own technique called “scrapping” which means that she doesn't use the cuticle cutters to cut off those hang nails. The reason is because she has found over time that once the hangnail is cut it just continues to peal leaving your hand look tapered.  After she has scraped the excess skin off she pushes the cuticle back, she applies the nail polish so that the cuticle is still exposed. She does this so that the nail can grow long and healthy without being held back.


Meanwhile Rose is an Amazing hair stylist and has recently moved down from San Diego and has just been blown away about how popular blowouts are around these parts of town. She can confidently say that she is the blowout queen and can rock your hair not matter what. She has also extensive practices in haircuts and color!


Between Adriana and rose you cant go wrong so please call us to book your appointment today we are having specials $60 for a manicure and blow don't miss out!


Who Should Join the Yuka Style Club?

The Yuka Style club was created for those of us who have a busy schedule and needs a timely blow out on the regular biases.  Here at Yuka Style we live to make things a lot easier for you, Hollywood is a place of mixing a mingling; events are not uncommon around these parts.  We have listened to your needs and found that blowouts are a must. We know that blowouts can become a bit pricey; this is why we created this program especially with you in mind.  We offer two different types of blowout packages the first is for $100 a month; this includes regular blowouts(as often as you would like upon availability), headshots, professional beauty coaching, and earn points with regular services! The second option would is $150 a month this would include Oribe products to be used in your hair, digital head shots with retouch, beauty coaching, and points with all services! What a steal our regular blowouts coast $50 alone! So the answer is why not!

Why Yuka Style?

Yuka Style is an exclusive Salon located at the heart of Design District in West Hollywood. Yuka Takahashi and Takashi Takahashi are a husband and wife duo originally from Tokyo taking on LA. Yuka and Takashi have had a lot of experience with running a business in Japan, but when visiting America fell in love and moved out here to embark on a new journey.  They started off buying Yuki Sharoni Beauty and Life Style in Beverly Hills, a full service salon with 20 chairs.

Although the salon was very successful, the two started feeling like their vision was not being translated.  The salon was too big and started feeling a factory. Yuka and Takashi’s motto is to make sure that everyone who walks through the doors is being pampered and leaves feeling more beautiful then when they walked in. That’s why they have worked hard to change their environment so that their vision can be utilized. Yuka was a stylist and make-up artist in Japan but since has taken a step back. The reason is because she feels that she has so much to learn from other stylists. She wants to always keep an open mind and feels it’s harder to achieve when she is the head stylist. Here at Yuka Style all of our stylists are unique in their own way and hand picked by Yuka and Takashi. She is very excited for you to experience her version of a salon. So please make your way over to this beautiful salon in West Hollywood.


Say Good Bye Ombre and Hello Balayage!

We’re so excited to announce that the Ombre is no longer a trending style to wear in your hair. The Balayage was created many many moons ago named after the French word to paint or to sweep. The difference between the two styles is that the Ombre has a blunt line with the roots dark and the ends light, while the Balayage is painted in so that there’s a gradual change in color.


Balayage is the hottest trend for this summer because it leaves your hair looking kissed by the bright Cali sun. Free hand painted and blended in with your hair for a natural and at ease feel, we like to add a couple of highlights around the face to brighten up your features. 


Here at Yuka Style our color specialist have worked for years to master this technique and we’re now excited to offer Balayage on all types of hair. So please come in for a free consultation,

Call (310) 282-5440 today to book your appointment! 

Have you been feeling fatigued lately? Here are a few tips for you!

First off we are seeing that a lot of people are not getting enough sleep, the average person needs 8 hours. Sleep rejuvenates your body and restores any damages that may have occurred during the day. You will notice more of a glow to your hair, nails, and skin when the proper amount of sleep is reached.

Are you getting enough water?

Chances are you’re not drinking as much water as you should be. It’s hard to say how much water one should drink everyday, but for men it’s about 13 cups and women 9 cups. Drinking water will help nourish the body and the digestive system. Filtering your body with water is the best option it’s very important for maintain a healthy body and staying energized.  

 Are you exercising?

Exercising is also very important not only for your body but for your mental health. When you exercise your brain release endorphins, which is a chemical that is discharged to create your happiness. Exercising is not always easy to do during your busy work schedule, so even going for a little walk during break, parking a little further, and taking the stairs is a good place to start.

Are you washing your hair too much?

To keep your hair nice and healthy you should get a trim at least every 8 weeks. We understand that everyone would like to keep his or her hair long but if you give it a trim it will grow back healthier and look better.  If not split ends will keep splitting further up the hair towards the scalp and could cause more damage then if you would just trim it. Lastly don't wash your hair everyday go as long as you can with out a wash because the natural oils that your hair produces helps your hair growth try at most every other day.

Lastly sleep with a braid in your hair so that while you sleep you don't tangle and further damage it.


If you have any questions or would like to set up a beauty counseling session call (310) 282-5440 to make your appointment!  


You may have heard or seen the word "paraben", everyone is taking noticed that there’s a lot of beauty products say "PARABEN FREE" on it’s label. What are parabens? What do they do? Why are “paraben” free products good for you?

Parabens are the most commonly used "preservatives" in personal care products such as shampoos, lotions, crèmes, and makeup which stop bacteria and fungus from growing especially in the moist and warm environment such as the shower rooms. They have been used for many decades. However, scientists have been studding paraben and have found that they can be harmful to our health.

Yuka Style's private label Marie & Lily series is made with only the best ingredients for your hair and has no paraben in it. The owner Yuka has worked vigorously for over two years to create the perfect shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream that will leave your hair feeling flawless. It was very important for Yuka to create them with no paraben of course, but also silicone and sulfate free as well. 

We hope you come in to our salon to experience the Marie & Lily shampoo and conditioner and fall in love with them because it leaves your hair feeling luscious and soft to the touch.

We are on N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood and the cross street is Melrose Ave. Pleae call (310) 282-5440 to make an appointment or use our online booking tool.